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Morning Mobility Routine for Low Back Health

You all asked for it so here it is! My morning mobility routine focused on general mobility and low back health! This is what I have been doing recently to focus on some target areas and start my day off right with some movement! Many people just need to develop a routine and if they can establish healthy habits then the rest will take care of itself. Starting your day off with a mobility routine will not only keep everything moving right and healthy but it will get your mind right for the day since you have already accomplished a task and focused! You NEED movement! I encourage you to implement this routine or an alternative routine into your day so that you can get your daily dose of movement to move better, feel better, and fix your low back!

1️⃣ Start with some general full spine rollouts just to get things loosened up. X10

2️⃣ Now segment by segment hinge repetitively over your roller slowly climbing up or down the spine.

3️⃣ Cat/Cow for controlled full spine motion. X10

4️⃣ Open book mobilization for the mid back and lower back. X10

5️⃣ Foam roller chest/shoulder opener. X10

6️⃣ 90-90 Hinges. X5 each way

7️⃣ 90-90 Transitions. X5 each way

8️⃣ Hamstring/Hip Flexor Flow. X5 each direction per side

9️⃣ Thoracic Rotation Circles. X2 each way

🔟 Kneeling Glute Thrusters. X10

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