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How a 72 Year Old Overcame SEVERE Low Back Pain. Age is just a Number!

Age is just a number! 72 year old Doneta was suffering with long standing severe low back pain and sciatica. She could no longer walk around the grocery store and had to stay in the car while her husband did the shopping. She couldn’t do the dishes. She couldn’t cook like she used to. She couldn’t go on walks. She couldn’t exercise. She HAD TRIED EVERYTHING including CBD oil, back braces, epidural / cortisone injections, sciatica devices, massage etc and she was still in this situation. Doneta was so tired of this and felt lost, unsure of what to do thinking this was the rest of her life.

During our initial assessment, we began to find movements that alleviated her symptoms and developed a PLAN! Doneta decided enough was enough and committed to this plan to change her life.

Just 6 weeks later we see an entirely NEW Doneta! She did so amazing, and stuck with the plan and here she is now. She CAN go to the grocery store and is walking up to an hour. She can do the dishes, cook and clean. She can go on walks, exercise again and is more motivated than ever. All in just 6 weeks, and we are not stopping there!

This just shows that AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! And no matter how long you have been struggling with low back pain, no matter how lost you feel, no matter what age you are, you CAN GET BETTER! You just need a plan, someone who cares, and the ability to commit!

Let’s give it up for Doneta everyone! One of the sweetest individuals I have ever met in my life. She earned this!


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